EasyPic 0.8

Resize photos and optionally add a watermark


  • Good only for occasional resizing
  • You can select any size (no presets)


  • Watermark support
  • You can save settings


EasyPic is clearly not intended for massive picture resizing, as it works with only one file at a time. However, it's a perfect tool for occasional resizing, like creating an avatar for your IM client or publishing a downsized picture to your blog.

Unlike similar tools, EasyPic doesn't use size presets; it simply enables you to enter the new size values, maintaining aspect ratio automatically. It also allows you to add a watermark to the resized picture, although only in seven different positions with no customizing possibilities.

Once resized, you can save the picture in JPG, BMP or GIF and also save settings for future use, which makes it a bit easier for working with more than one file.

EasyPic is a small image editing software designed by Kongtechnology.com to help you to resize images and photos easily. You can also optionally insert any wording you like such as your blog’s URL on the image. The wording’s look and feel is fully customizable, you can change the font face, the size, bold or italic, the foreground and also the background color.

The beauty of this software is that it’s simple and easy to use. You can resize a picture and put your blog credit on it in less than 5 seconds. That’s less than the time you need to start up Adobe Photoshop CS. Of course you do not want to install the 200MB Adobe Photoshop CS just because you need it to resize a few photos for your blog, do you?

Do you know that you can save your preferences in EasyPic? Yes, save your blog styles and load them next time so that you can do your photo editing even faster.



EasyPic 0.8

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